December 22, 2017

As a person who is greatly exposed to preschool learning centers, I have been around and too much involved with children's’ primary learning, that it has been a challenge for me to seek for fun learning materials to get their complete attention. With the constant battle with technology nowadays. I find it hard to look for a learning material that is safe and can 100% deliver enjoyment and learning for kids until I learned about Coolsand!


If this is the first time that you have heard of Coolsand, I’m glad you have stumbled upon my page. Brace yourself for some of the many awesome reasons why I think Coolsand should be your next worthy purchase online!


1. It heightens a child’s sensory experience.


Coolsand is the perfect tool to engage kids and allow them to use 2 of the major senses:

  • Sight: Let their adorable pair of eyes feast in the vibrant-colored shaping tools that come along with every set of Coolsand. You can also choose from the colorful variety of the sand itself.

  • Touch: Coolsand can be played in many ways! Stretch it, Pull it, Cut it, or Shape it using your hands or the cute themed-molds that comes with a set of your choice.

2. It enhances hand-eye coordination

 Hand-eye coordination is the ability of the eyes to guide the hands in movements, which is one of the important phases of a child’s learning experience. Playing with Coolsand will serve as a fun avenue for young ones to train them to strengthen grasp, grip, and control of their little hands along with the guide of their eyes. Coolsand does not stick nor stain hands or clothes, so your little one can enjoy playing without the mess!  


3. It sparks imagination and creativity

Playing with Coolsand allows children to let their imagination run freely, especially if they are playing with the themed sets. They can be dinosaur hunters, animal trainers, sea creature enthusiasts, kingdom rulers, etc.


4. It relieves tension and stress


Kids can be naturally cranky at times, probably from lack of sleep, short attention span, or other small reasons only they can understand. Coolsand acts as a calming agent that could be played by kids for hours! Playing with Coolsand can absolutely entertain kids and gradually eliminate stressors in a child’s mind. Also a perfect calming paraphernalia for adults!


5. It promotes coordination and collaboration

Coolsand can be shared and played with other kids, that promotes friendship and collaboration of awesome ideas. Playdates and school days will be more fun with this on ready!


And there you have it! Some of the many amazing reasons why I strongly agree that Coolsand is the best playset for preschoolers or toddlers. Of course, parental or guardian’s close observation is always needed to prevent kids from tasting or swallowing any parts of the play set. Check Amazon and purchase yours now! It will be definitely worthy of your bucks!



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