CoolSand 5 lb. Refill Pack - Including: 5 lbs. Moldable Indoor Play Sand, Storage Bucket and Inflatable Sandbox
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• COOLSAND IS MOLDABLE & MOVABLE: It sticks only to itself—not to you or your clothes! Our moldable play sand is
   squeezable, shiftable, and ideal for sensory play—you’ll definitely FEEL the fun!

STIMULATE KIDS CREATIVITY: Kids use their imaginations to concoct, create, and construct anything! Pack it, pull it, shape it, cut it,
  mold it… love it! Enjoy its tactile feel as it flows through your fingers. Moldable play sand—featuring transformable action—
  is so awesome you won’t be able to put it down!

INFLATABLE SANDBOX TRAY: is included in this set for more fun and more building possibilities—perfect for indoor play and easy
  cleanup! Conveniently store this entire set in the included bucket with built-in carrying handle.

INTERACTIVE FREE PLAY: Encourages and empowers creativity for all ages. Kids and adults will have hours of tactile and relaxing
  fun with CoolSand’s flexibly fluid, innovative nature.

SAFE & MESS FREE: Easy to clean up, 100% non-toxic, and gluten-free.

MULTIPLE COLORS = MULTIPLE POSSIBILITIES: This refill pack comes in a variety of colors for endless possibilities. Never dries
  out for hours of creative play.

Inspire Your Kid's Creativity! 

Boost and promote your little one’s imagination and creativity with CoolSand Moldable Play Sand. Its movabl nature means it sticks only to itself and not to you or your clothes! This five-pound refill package offers even more fun and innovative play opportunities.

Endless Fun! 

Have a blast molding, pulling, sculpting, and squeezing irresistible CoolSand! Our moldable play sand stimulates creativity in all children and adults. Pack it into molds or shape it into anything your imagination desires.


You’ll love CoolSand:

• Sticks only to itself and not to you or your clothes.
• Never dries out or hardens—it can be reused countless times.
• This refill package includes 5 pounds of moldable play sand. Choose from a wide variety of colors for hours of creative fun.
• Mess free and perfect for indoor play.
• 100% non-toxic and gluten-free.

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