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  • Is the Coolsand safe?
    Coolsand is a 100% NON-TOXIC natural sand that is intended to be played by anyone ages 3 and up because the handcarry bucket comes with little molds that can pose a choking hazard.
  • What is the dimension of the Coolsand inflatable sandbox?
    (24" x 18" x 2.5")
  • What are the inclusions of the Coolsand set?
    Deluxe bucket comes with 2 lbs of Cool sand, an inflatable sand box, and several small-sized (adult’s fist) multi-colored molds.
  • Does the sand dry out?
    Coolsand will never dry out even if played with for hours, but if it does, just a spritz of water above it will do to bring back its natural cool, moist texture.
  • Does the color of Coolsand stain clothes, hands and other surfaces?"
    Coolsand is a magnetic-type sand that doesn’t stain or stick to your hair, clothes, or any other surfaces, but only to itself.
  • Is the Coolsand edible?
    Coolsand is only meant for play and not to eat so make sure that there’s adult supervision nearby when the kids are at play to prevent them from eating it.
  • Is the Coolsand easy to pack away?
    Coolsand can easily be vacuumed after play if tiny bits and pieces are stuck in any of your upholsteries and carpets.
  • Where do you keep the sand after play?
    We suggest you store the sand in a ziplock to keep its cool, moist texture and prevent it from drying out.
  • Do different sets of colored sand mix together and form a different color?
    Nope. they stick to their own color even if mixed and mashed with different sets of colored sand.
  • Is it safe to put Coolsand in water?
    No. Coolsand is not meant to be mixed with water. To prevent it from drying out, just a spritz of water will do.
  • Can different colors of Coolsand be easily separated when mixed together?
    No, that’s why it is suggested to play with one color at a time.
  • Is it safe to be ingested by kids?
    Certainly not. Coolsand is only meant for play so keep a close eye on your ones when at play to prevent them from ingesting the sand.
  • Can I get a specific Coolsand color I want?
    We cannot guarantee a specific color delivered to you because all our sets are pre-packed already. Should you want a specific color, you can purchase Coolsand Refill Package.
  • How will I clean up if the Coolsand went in between upholsteries or carpet?
    Use vacuum to clean up grains of sand.
CoolSand FAQ

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