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CoolSand Deluxe Bucket - Beach Edition - Set Includes:
2 lbs. Moldable
Indoor Play Sand, Shaping Molds, Inflatable Sandbox & Storage Bucket
MSRP $46.99


UPC: 810101031267

CoolSand feels like wet beach sand but our moldable play sand won’t stick to anything but itself. Plus, it holds its shape. That means no sand on your hands, in your hair, or in your bag. It leaves your hands completely dry and never greasy. Bring home the beach without the mess! Stretch it, mold it, and watch it flow through your fingers. Our moldable play sand never dries out—providing hours of creative fun. Inflatable sandbox and convenient storage bucket included—perfect for indoor play and easy cleanup!


• 2.2 lbs. of natural colored CoolSand
• 10 fun, themed molds to spark creativity and
• Inflatable sandbox and convenient storage
   bucket included!
• Sticks to itself, not to clothes or hands. 


Feel it to believe it!

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